Friday, February 1, 2008

Arrival by Night in the Paris of the South

Tayler and I have successfully made it to our apartment in leafy Belgrano, Buenos Aires. It is a cozy little place, decorated in the modern style.  

We departed from the glamorous Kempenski Park Hotel this morning, and took in some of the principle sights from our taxi cab. Our driver, was a Skynyrd fan. His outward appearance was that of a typical Porteño cabman -- richly tanned dome over stately Italian features -- but only the slightest talk revealed that he was a passionate fan of the southern rock giants. With considerable pride he told us that his son had formed a Skynyrd cover group. Apparently the boy had also taught him to use the internet to download Skynyrd concert videos. Later, after unloading the luggage at the apartment, he kissed me on the cheek. I was stunned.

Everything appears to be going well so far. Our apartment is convenient to many shops and cafés, and I think we may be close to Chinatown. Tayler thinks I am completely unfounded in thinking so, but one must admit that the idea has a certain appeal.