Friday, May 16, 2008



Government enforcer Luis D'Elia has been making some noise about taking back the routes by force if the countryside decides to shut down again, which possibility seems entirely possible at the moment. At least the smoke has stopped. Things are great here in Buenos Aires, even though I have been temporarily immobilized by a less than positive chorizo experience. 

I once had such a terrible case of food poisoning from a Bay Cities Deli sandwich that I hallucinated I was in the Mexican American war. That is to say I suffered from a feverish delusion that I was not  a 21st century anglophone, but a the commander of an isolated Mexican cavalry brigade in the 1840's. You see, I thought I was so sick because the Gringos - naturally inclined to cowardice and generally unaware of the principles of gentlemanly warfare - had poisoned our well. I passed the night unable to sleep, tormented by the thought that I would die of some womanly poison and not in a flash of Latin heroism. 

This time isn't so bad. Took a nap - dreamed about the White House renovation of the Truman administration.


Francisco de Mendoza said...

Muy estimado hijo y compañero de mi vida,
¿Qué tal de nuevo?

Desde 3 Mayo, soy residente sin documentos de Florida, regalado a los Estados Unidos a la parte de España tontisíma en 1819.

Estoy chupando la bruja, pero en condiciones muy agradables. Preparo tu alcoba, y espero tu visita aquí en el malnombrado Safety Harbor (ni puerto, ni seguro) a tu próximo viaje al norte,para encantarme con cuentos del gaucho Gil.

Que Diós te cuide y que te vaya todo bien,

Amor de tu padre,

The Homeric Companion said...

James Bond himself, Daniel Craig, has become the latest victim of the Quantum of Solace curse.

During an action sequence, Craig had the top of his finger sliced off requiring a trip to the emergency room.
"There was quite a lot of blood and it was decided he needed to go to hospital for emergency treatment," a production insider said.

Keep hands in pockets. This could be an epidemic